1: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2007;1:5346-5348.Click here to read Links

Decoding Performance for Hand Movements: EEG vs. MEG.

MEG-Center, University of Tübingen, 72076 Tübingen, Germany. stephan.waldert@med.uni-tuebingen.de.

A direct comparison of the decoding performance of EEG and MEG in respect of hand movements is provided in this study. We recorded simultaneously EEG and MEG signals of the human contralateral motor cortex during center-out movements (four targets) and decoded directions by regularized linear discriminant analysis. Similar maximum decoding power (DP) was found for EEG (54%) and MEG (57%) 450ms after movement onset, using EEG+MEG the DP remained at 57%. No significant (p≫0.05) difference for the maximum DP between the three signals was found. EEG and MEG provided significant (p≪0.05) DP 0ms and -100ms relative to movement onset. In conclusion, EEG and MEG yield approximately the same maximal DP in this paradigm with the MEG allowing for a slightly and significantly (p≪0.05) earlier decoding than the EEG.

PMID: 18003215 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]