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Inference of hand movements from local field potentials in monkey motor cortex.
Mehring C, Rickert J, Vaadia E, Cardosa de Oliveira S, Aertsen A, Rotter S
Nat Neurosci 2003 Dec 6(12):1253-4 [abstract on PubMed] [citations on Google Scholar] [related articles] [full text] [order article]
Selected by | Roger Lemon
Evaluated 17 Dec 2003
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Roger Lemon
Institute of Neurology, United Kingdom

This report shows that local field potentials (LFPs) recorded from monkey motor cortex contain information about the direction of arm movements made to reach targets. The direction of movement could be inferred on a single-trial basis if all LFP data recorded from multiple (48) electrodes was used. The 'decoding power' of LFPs used in this way was as good as decoded from single unit activity recorded on the same set of multiple electrodes. The result confirms an earlier study for oculomotor movements and indicates that LFPs could be used to guide brain-machine interfaces.

Competing interests: None declared
Evaluated 17 Dec 2003
Faculty Comments & Author Responses

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